"Proposed Legislation To Close Affiliate Reinsurance Loophole Would Recapture Lost Revenue For U.S. Treasury"; PR Newswire

"President's Budget Includes Measure To Close Tax Loophole That Favors Foreign-based Insurance Groups"; PR Newswire

"Proposed Legislation to Close Affiliate Reinsurance Loophole Would Help Reduce Deficits"; BusinessWire.com

"President’s FY 2012 Budget Strengthens Commitment To Close Tax Loophole Favoring Foreign-Controlled Insurance Companies"; BusinessWire.com

"New Economic Analysis Refutes Opposition “Study” of Neal Bill Impact"; BusinessWire.com

"Foreign, Domestic Insurers Square Off In Offshore Tax Testimony"; National Underwriter

"Berkley Disputes Offshore Tax Report Findings Ahead Of Hearing"; National Underwriter

"Hearing Scheduled Today on HR 3424, Reinsurance Tax Bill"; ClaimsJournal.com

"Contradictions in CCIR/Brattle Group Data Update Identified by Respected Global Expert Services and Consulting Firm LECG"; BusinessWire.com

"Covington & Burling LLP Affirms WTO-Consistency of H.R. 3424"; BusinessWire.com

"President Obama Puts Foreign Reinsurance Tax Loophole in Cross Hairs";

"Insurers divided on budget"; TheHill.com

"Proposed budget targets offshore reinsurer deductions"; BusinessInsurance.com

"Closing Reinsurance Tax Loophole Proposed in Congress"; ifawebnews.com

"Neal Reintroduces Offshore Reinsurance Tax Bill"; tax-news.com

"Offshore Tax Bill Introduced"; insurancenetworking.com

"Thirteen Domestic Insurance Companies Urge Quick Passage of Bill to End Insurance
Tax Haven Loophole"
; istockanalyst.com

“Report Refutes Opposition's Claims Regarding Legislation to Prevent Loss of U.S. Tax
Revenues to Offshore Tax Havens: Exposes Opponents’ Inaccuracies, Flawed
Assumptions and Scare Tactics”
; Press Release by Coalition for a Domestic Insurance
Industry, BusinessWire

'The Rachel Maddow Show' on offshore tax havens; MSNBC.com

"Corporate Tax Crackdown ... "; CNN.com

“Obama Vows to Slam Offshore Tax Loophole Shut”; Yahoo! Finance

“Domestic Coalition Slams Brattle Offshore Tax Hike Study”; P&C National Underwriter

"Coalition for a Domestic Insurance Industry"; MyNewMarkets.com

“Face Off: Two Industry Leaders Debate H.R. 6969, a Bill to Limit How Foreign Insurers
Account for Premiums Ceded Offshore”
; The Free Library

"US Lawmaker Introduces Offshore Reinsurance Tax"; Tax-News.com

"Insurers Want U.S. to Curb Competitors' Fund Transfers to Bermuda"; New York Times

"Bermuda Tax Dodge"; Baltimore Sun


The Situation:

A loophole in current law allows foreign-controlled insurers to strip their earnings overseas and avoid paying U.S. income tax...

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